A dry matter test result is given as a percentage of the total wet weight after all moisture has been removed from the feed sample. This can be used for feed allocation and is a useful tool in the trading of feed.

  • DM
  • ME
  • Crude Protein
  • Starch
  • Digestibility
  • Trace elements
  • and many more…

nir analysis

CFA provides Feed Analysis using FOSS Near Infrared technology which brings world class analysis of all animal forages, in affiliation with Dairyland Laboratories, INC USA.

NIR feed analysis programs a computer to recognise individual nutrients in feedstuff, based upon the light absorbed at each near infrared wavelength.

To program a computer in this way requires a large database of samples that have been analysed using the traditional ‘wet chemistry’ method. The samples are then scanned by the NIR instrument to compile a collection of calibrations.

Dairyland Laboratories have over 30 years of NIR experience and one of the industry’s largest data bases of samples, which is continually being updated.

CFA’s collaboration with Dairyland Laboratories gives New Zealand access to the industry leading NIR calibrations delivering our clients comprehensive, rapid and cost effective feed analysis.

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water services

This is sub-contracted to an IANZ accredited lab. We are able to provide water testing kits for those wishing to test their water.

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CFA New Zealand Drinking Water Standards 05 (Revised 18)

CFA Guideline Info Common Components in Drinking Water

Pool Water Quality Standards NZS5826-2010

NZDWS Summary of Changes 2018